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IPL and Laser Hair Removal Q&A

IPL and Laser Hair Removal Q&A - All your questions answered! For many, managing unwanted hair takes a long time and the results just don’t last. Shaving only keeps hair at bay for a few [...]

Four Ways to Fight Winter Skin with Food

Winter skin is upon us, booo! Cosy jumpers, warm winter hats & colourful scarves, —all things we love when the temperature drops outside. But flaky skin, scaly patches, and itchy itches are the things nobody [...]

Digestive / Gut Health

Those who know me or have been into Clinic 10 know that I truly believe our lifestyles, diet, emotional well-being as well as topical skin care, and a regular visit to and experienced skin care [...]

5 Supplements that Help Clear Stubborn Acne, plus one you should avoid!!

Need to discreetly credit 'Tracy Raftl' vitamin blogger some where .... Are you well over your teen years and still struggling with stubborn acne? If so, you’re not alone. Millions of people still deal with [...]

  • Summer Skin Survival Tips

Skin Cancer Awareness – Skin Clinic Advice

Did you know May is, and has been skin cancer awareness month?! I'm not wanting to be all doom and gloom regarding this, and of course we should all enjoy the sunshine, all that fabulous [...]

Hair Free For Summer Needs To Start Now!

Fed up with what feels like a permanent shadow under your arms or can’t bear the thought of yet another eye watering intimate hair wax only to have to watch the hairs grow back a [...]

Do I have Melasma?

My Clinic starts to get lots of enquiries around April, May time asking if I treat pigmentation or uneven tone. I do, very successfully, and have various options available. Typically Melasma tends to fade during [...]

Keep your Skin Fit

Planning to get fitter in 2019? Don't forget to keep your skin fit too! So, I’ve been thinking about it- but that’s about it this year!! Mostly due to a lower back problem which is [...]

Hormonal Acne

So, think you’ve got hormonal acne? Ever feel like you're 30 going on 13, thanks to your skin? Dealing with pimples as an adult is so not fair. Acne is a teenage problem after all, [...]

Nappage Mesotherapy at Clinic 10

WHAT YOU NEED TO KNOW ABOUT NAPPAGE MESOTHERAPY What is Fusion Meso / Nappage Mesotherapy? Mesotherapy Nappage (MN) is a natural, safe non-surgical treatment that is rapidly growing in popularity here in the UK.  A [...]

5 Easy Ways to Protect your Skin this Winter

Don’t forget to protect your skin this winter. Boo!...yes it looks and feels like winter has arrived! The elements can be so harsh on our skin without us even realising it, so here’s 5 easy [...]

The Importance of Great Skin Care with Injectables

So we all, pretty much, know about the botox and fillers industry and have no doubt seen good and bad results... The 'less is more' approach usually gives the best results, though these tend to [...]

Meditating could do wonders for your skin!

Stress. We all feel it. And it can not only wreak havoc on the inside but also affect us on the outside too. With high levels of stress, you are more prone to experience acne, [...]

Wondering about Stem Cell?

What is a stem cell serum and should I be using it? Stem cells are making waves in the skincare industry recently. With more and more research coming out, it’s crazy to think we ever [...]

  • Summer Skin Survival Tips

Easy Peasy Skin Survival for Summer!

Wow what an amazing summer we are having!......The sun really has arrived! As we know us lot can often get a bit over excited when the sun finally decides to make an appearance. Lighter evenings, [...]

Three amazing treatments to get Spring Clean Glowing Skin

1. Glycolic facial peel So many people tend to stay away from peels because they’re scared of what will happen to their skin. It really is a huge misconception that it’s a harsh treatment which [...]

Permanent Hair Removal Experience

What happened when I went for my first permanent hair removal session.... Like anyone, I was a little apprehensive before having permanent hair removal done. Would it hurt? Would it last? Would the practitioner secretly [...]

The 3 Step Super Easy Night Time Skincare Routine

We’ve all been there. It’s late, very late and you’ve had such a busy day or night out and the last thing you want to do is take off your make-up, so, lets make it [...]

4 Easy Skin Survival Tips for Winter

It can be so easy to crank the thermostat up over winter and exclusively drink hot drinks because our bodies are getting ready for ‘hibernation’. However, here’s some easy tips and tricks to keep your [...]

Everything you need to know about Thread Vein Removal

You may not even know what a thread vein is. Well, it’s those pesky little veins just below the skin’s surface. Usually found around the nose, chin or on your cheeks, but can also be [...]

3 Easy Steps to Revive your Post Party Skin

January can be a tough time, especially on your skin. The late party nights from December, the drink, the food, the not taking your makeup off before bed. It can all take its toll and [...]

How to Reduce Acne Scarring

We all know it’s bad enough suffering with acne through your teen years and in some cases into your adult years . So if you’ve managed to finally get rid of the acne (yipee!) but [...]

Improve Your Skin & Mental Health

3 easy ways to improve your skin & mental health at the same time 1. GET GLOWING... Exercise, exercise, exercise.... If the word exercise or work out fills you with dread then start to look [...]

4 Easy Skin Survival Tips For Glowing Skin This Winter

It can be so easy to crank the thermostat up over winter and exclusively drink hot drinks because our bodies are getting ready for ‘hibernation’. However, here’s some easy tips and tricks to keep your [...]

6 Ways to Fight the Menopause

Fab article on tackling some of the symptoms of the menopause head on!! So have you experienced the dreaded menopause? According to the International Menopause Society (IMS), women in mid-life typically gain an average of [...]

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